Meet The Team

Deasy Photo

Deasy brings with her years of experience in interior design, along with floral arrangement. In the free time, she likes to paint, though she finds it hard to find that “free time” anymore these days. If she’s not picking flowers for her events, we would find her in the workshop designing bits and pieces you would find on your wedding day. Her arrangement style is classy and elegant, though it’s normal to find her working on rustic or shabby chic floral lines.


Tania learns almost everything autodidact, including flower arrangement. Her passion for flowers make her flew halfway across the world for flower exhibition, shows, and keeping up with the floral arrangement experts across the world . Her favourite past time is scrapbooking and these days she’s into her Ukulele. Wedding is her passion and she believes that all weddings should be made personal according to the Bride and Groom’s personalities and she tries to incorporate your personal things in the wedding from photographs to shoes. Her favourite colour is fuschia (among many others) and her favourite bloom is a toss between calla lily and lisianthus. She has a soft spot for Art markets or finding unique items whenever on the travel, and that makes her an excellent shopper for our props and vases.

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