A lot of times we receive inquiries on e-mail and on the phone around these issues. Let us answer several common questions you have, it could be what you have in mind. Please contact us if you still have doubts or you have more questions to ask.

Is there a pricelist for your service? 

No we don’t have a pricelist. We do have a minimum work order but we do not have a standard pricelist. Price is only given upon consultation and meeting / phone call with the clients and find out their location, themes, and other details. Our aim is to create your wedding is YOURS, so we don’t put anything “standard”.

How many weddings/ events do you accept in a day? 

Jonquilla Decor can accept a limited number of events in a given day, the number of it depends on the time for setting up and design for each event. A small simpler wedding does not really need a lot of times to set up and execute, than the big ones. So it really does varies. Please feel confident that your wedding will be handled professionaly in a timely manner.

Do you charge consultation fees? 

No we don’t. We find that initial meeting with the client is essential to know your event further. However, we will not give you the concept until there’s a down payment made. Another meeting is usually scheduled to show you what we think will look great for your wedding or events.

What if my flowers option are not available? 

Since we are working with the nature (flowers), there are some circumstances where the flowers are of poor quality, out of season, or have different colours. Please be open for substitutions in the case of this. With a little flexibility, your wedding flowers can be as lovely as what you have imagined before.

What is inclusive in decoration charges? 

Transportation from our warehouse to venue is inclusive as well as set up and set down.

Do you only do weddings? 

No we don’t. We do birthday decorations, flower designs, corporate events, furniture rental and a lot more.

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