Giselle and Gading Soft Pink Wedding at Gedung Arsip Jakarta



We met Giselle and Gading for the first time at Plaza Senayan for decoration meeting, and I, who often heard or saw their names on TV,  was initially a bit nervous. What do they like in person? Will I be able to recognize them.. Will they act normal, or will they be the typical diva ? Turned out, they were totally normal, loving couple, with friendly and good manners.

Giselle and Gading held their wedding celebration twice. The first one was in Bali, and the week after was in Jakarta. We were so lucky to be hired as her florist & decorator for her second celebration at Gedung Arsip Jakarta. They were both easy going and that made me less nervous. She only had specific colours in mind and she left the rest for us to decide. We styled their wedding with pink, white and baby pink roses, calla lilies, lisianthus, spray roses, succulents, snapdragons and some greeneries and some shabby chic props.



AFV9D9960wm ADSC_8936WM ADSC_8873WM Aarsipp 8WM A_MG_0124WM A_MG_0120WM A_MG_0115WM A_MG_0113WM A_MG_0087WM A_MG_0085WM A_MG_0055WM A_MG_0022WM


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