(Almost) Merry Christmas 2013

Hi guys…

I know we are not exactly on the 25th yet, but Christmas season is here and we all feel very “Christmassy”. In less than 2 weeks, we are leaving 2013 and opening a new calendar. To us, 2013 feels like a blink for us. as we feel that there’s just too many things happened in 2013 and we got so busy, that we felt as if time slipped away so fast. So finally, we’d like to say thank you very much for your continuous support and trust. In 2013, we have made friends with a lot of brides, grooms and families, Wedding Organizers, magazine editors& journalists, photographers, and other florists in town. Thank you for your friendship.

Our 2013 in a nutshell is basically:
– decorated the wedding during the big Jakarta flood. We made it, the bride and groom made it too.
– Our florist Deasy got married!
– We moved to a bigger warehouse. With bigger space means we have more props and less things got broken or scratched (maintenance sometimes can give us a big headache)
– First time in the history of Jonquilla Decor that we had 3 weddings in a row on one weekend
– The first time we did a wedding exhibition (a joint exhibition with lighthouse photography at Jakarta Wedding Festival 2013)
– ….annnddd we were nominated as one of the best stand
– a Celebrity wedding
– Our florist, Tania, got married too !

So please allow us to say Merry Christmas, I hope you have a warm celebration with the dearest and plenty of fun

Jonquilla Decor team

image_2r image_3r image_5r

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