A Petite French Garden : Revlon’s BFF Product Launching

Bonjour !

Just a little information, fefore we begin to set up the venue, we always check them out first as part of our preparation. For example, finding out the furniture they have, the ambiance of the interior decoration, but most importantly is to meet the banquet manager who will be in-charge during the event. Upon initial survey, I was lucky to meet Aiko-san, the Japanese Chef & Restaurant Manager who explained the room layout for the event.

Revlon’s BFF Product Launch involves a series of cosmetic products like Foundation cream, blushers, and nail polish, which are fresh on the market, and they wanted a mini French garden look. First, they never go wrong with Bistronomy Restaurant & Bar who has already the look and it’s not at all difficult to style for this event. Secondly, in conjunction with the theme, the launching party attendees (mostly Press and media editors, fashion bloggers) have a dresscode : Flowery. Bistronomy has its strong French Bohemian character in terms of interior, and we just need to add a few colours to make it looks stunning.

We put a few birdcages in the outside garden, and make a few centerpieces out of those. Please check out the photos below, which were taken at 12 mid night during our set up time. However, there are some pictures we took again on the next day



















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