R is for Robot (and Ryan too!)

We have been posting a lot about wedding, but we are more than just a wedding stylist and we do attend your requests for parties too. So Let’s give you a break from all the romances, and instead we want to post a birthday that took place last weekend.

So here it goes….

I have been thinking about throwing Ryan a surprise birthday party. He’s my other half and he had never had any birthday parties ever in his life (read more to know why). Plus, he is like an additional family to Jonquilla team. He’s generous with his help, he entertains us when working late, and he knows a little bit about taking photos. When it is close to his birthday , I decided to throw something fun and surprising for him.

It was one fine day in a car going somewhere where the discussion about “what was your childhood birthday like” surfaced. I bragged about my birthdays, which often involved inviting my classmates and Doraemon clown for a party at home, there are a bunch of others too that mentioned their childhood birthday celebrations. Except for Ryan, whose birthday falls on the 21st June, exactly during a school break, and his mom thought that nobody would come and invitation distribution was impossible during school holiday. Suddenly, I thought “hey, let’s turn back the time for Ryan”, so that at least he knows how it feels to have at least one cool party everyone had back then. Well, if you think this is a birthday party for a toddler or even the 1st birthday of a little robot-fan boy, you are quite wrong. In fact, this bright orange party was thrown especially for a fully grown-up.

Now let me answer your question.
Why robot?
Ans: Ryan has always been fascinated with computers, gadgets, automotive, in short he loves machine-operated things, hence we think that Robot is the closest family of gadgets, cars and computers.

I was careful in choosing the right element for this party, as I wanted something that looks young but not childish, colourful but not too overwhelming, and of course a party that our guests would enjoy. Thank goodness I was joined by Design is Yay by Wita Puspita Design (www.designisyay.com) a very talented Australia-based designer, our friend, who was willing to work with the invitation, and stationery in such a short notice. Oh yes, did you see the robot face photo props? She made that too. Isn’t that awesome? Instead of a birthday cake, I specially ordered a dozen of red velvet cupcakes from Baker’s Joy. Her cupcake is so delicious and moist, I had two people asked me for the baker’s number. Insted of proper meals on dinner, we had mocktails and finger food instead.

I guess it’s never too late to throw such parties isn’t it?

Written by Tania


Ryan collage 3Ryan collage 1 Ryan collage 2

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