Claresta’s Fun Carnival Sweet 17th Party

When I met Claresta and her father, they reminded me so much about my own father and how he has been my source of inspiration all my life. I feel that Claresta is one lucky girl, she has a loving family, two responsible younger brothers, and a very protective father. He made sure that this party went as her “not so” little girl wish. Claresta’s 17th birthday is not only a reminder that a new age = a new challenge ahead, but also an opportunity to be thankful for the warmth of friends and family she has. Despite the shower that we had 5 hours before the party started, her friends still made the time to attend to her party.

The theme behind this party is Fun Carnival night. You remember Carousel, Popcorn, Cotton Candy ? And all the street food you wish you could have it all the time but unfortunately Mom would often say no? The food is part of the fun; all the candies, delicious kebabs, and the music blaring made the party memorable as she turned 17.

Thank you Light Up Studio (Photobooth) too for being part of this wonderful night, everybody enjoyed your hospitality and the fun of posing in front of your camera.


Claresta Collage1 Claresta Collage 3 Claresta Collage 2

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