Claresta’s Fun Carnival Sweet 17th Party

When I met Claresta and her father, they reminded me so much about my own father and how he has been my source of inspiration all my life. I feel that Claresta is one lucky girl, she has a loving family, two responsible younger brothers, and a very protective father. He made sure that this […]

Miranti & Rafael

Miranti & Rafael are genius architects. They had been together for 8 years, got a scholarship and went to school to Italy together and their dream is to conserve heritage building in Indonesia. Upon meetings and correspondence with them, they keep on emphasizing that the beauty of Gedung Arsip needs to be highlighted. Please enjoy […]

Andreas & Gitta

“Sitting in an English garden waiting for the sun, and if the sun don’t come, we’ll be standing in the English rain.” ― John Lennon Sometimes, being in a certain place could inspire you so much. And that’s Andreas. He once lived in London and that city had shaped him a lot and inspired him […]

Glenn & Ayas

Glenn & Ayas’ wedding might have been almost 2 years ago, but this is one of the weddings that I will not forget. Gedung Arsip is one of the venues that we had been working together to decorate beautiful wedding, but Gedung Arsip + Classical concept = Glenn & Ayas’ wedding. Ayas is a self-made […]