I pray to be li…

I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want consistency rather than the highs and lows – Drew Barrymore Just like a lot of you who visit this site, I’m a bride-to-be and I am planning my nuptial too. Let me tell you about me […]

Dinner with Elegance

I love having clients based on referrals. Everytime there’s somebody that called me and said “Hey I got your number from xyz”, I felt like I have a little trophy in my hand. Proud, but mostly satisfied that I did a good job previously. So I’ve got this referral from my past client and her […]

Milka & Ryan

One of the best advises that I had been given is “sometimes you need to let go a mediocre thing to make way for the best to come” … and that’s what Milka did. Milka was not ready for a relationship when she met Ryan. Though they were both in the entertainment industry (Milka was […]