Yay To Our New Bali Showroom

Yay To Our New Bali Showroom

Finally, after meeting with clients at Starbucks, mcDonalds and cafes, we have a place we call it home. Our showroom is finally open! Drop by or have a chat with us or let us know how we can be part of your events’ creative team.

Our address is : Jl. Raya Legian (Ground Zero) gg.Troppozone. c/o The Spot Legian Hotel
Kuta-Bali 80361.
(appointment is appreciated)

PS. Don’t worry we still love having coffees outside.

Yellow and Grey Wedding at Gedung Arsip Nasional Jakarta

Yellow and Grey Wedding at Gedung Arsip Nasional Jakarta

Happy New Year, first of all! I hope you have a great break. This Christmas and New Year break seems very long, which gets us carried away with enjoying too much holiday and haven’t posted anything yet so far.

This wedding happened in November at Gedung Arsip. They said “I do” under the tree in the afternoon and later on the reception took place in the same place. We made pomanders of crysanthemum, and different foliage to create a rich texture for the standing flowers at the background. I love the sofa we used, it has a minimalist French like design, and the best thing is… it was our debut use. Yeap! It just arrived the day before and it looked just perfect for the theme.

Congratulations to Rio & Annissa

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Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

We wrapped up this 2013 with the last bouquet order for a beach wedding, and after the delivery, we are off to celebrate with our family joining our New Year celebration.

2013 has been a wonderful year, and 2014 is gonna be rocking.

Thank you for the friendship, business, laughter and tears, inspirations you’ve shared, and trust you have given us.

The Colour of the Year 2014 (as what they say)

Looks like with the announcement in a lot of bridal magazines, blogs, fashion designers, purple is gonna be the year 2014’s colour. It doesn’t mean that other colours are now becoming out of season, it just mean you have more choice to consider 🙂 . Please view some compliation we made for a purple themed wedding, and if you don’t fancy the entire purple wedding, there are more combination as well in these photos.

Happy New Year 2014, and have fun planning yours.

Pantone 2014 Moodboard Pantone-2014-wordswm2-

Giselle and Gading Soft Pink Wedding at Gedung Arsip Jakarta



We met Giselle and Gading for the first time at Plaza Senayan for decoration meeting, and I, who often heard or saw their names on TV,  was initially a bit nervous. What do they like in person? Will I be able to recognize them.. Will they act normal, or will they be the typical diva ? Turned out, they were totally normal, loving couple, with friendly and good manners.

Giselle and Gading held their wedding celebration twice. The first one was in Bali, and the week after was in Jakarta. We were so lucky to be hired as her florist & decorator for her second celebration at Gedung Arsip Jakarta. They were both easy going and that made me less nervous. She only had specific colours in mind and she left the rest for us to decide. We styled their wedding with pink, white and baby pink roses, calla lilies, lisianthus, spray roses, succulents, snapdragons and some greeneries and some shabby chic props.



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(Almost) Merry Christmas 2013

Hi guys…

I know we are not exactly on the 25th yet, but Christmas season is here and we all feel very “Christmassy”. In less than 2 weeks, we are leaving 2013 and opening a new calendar. To us, 2013 feels like a blink for us. as we feel that there’s just too many things happened in 2013 and we got so busy, that we felt as if time slipped away so fast. So finally, we’d like to say thank you very much for your continuous support and trust. In 2013, we have made friends with a lot of brides, grooms and families, Wedding Organizers, magazine editors& journalists, photographers, and other florists in town. Thank you for your friendship.

Our 2013 in a nutshell is basically:
– decorated the wedding during the big Jakarta flood. We made it, the bride and groom made it too.
– Our florist Deasy got married!
– We moved to a bigger warehouse. With bigger space means we have more props and less things got broken or scratched (maintenance sometimes can give us a big headache)
– First time in the history of Jonquilla Decor that we had 3 weddings in a row on one weekend
– The first time we did a wedding exhibition (a joint exhibition with lighthouse photography at Jakarta Wedding Festival 2013)
– ….annnddd we were nominated as one of the best stand
– a Celebrity wedding
– Our florist, Tania, got married too !

So please allow us to say Merry Christmas, I hope you have a warm celebration with the dearest and plenty of fun

Jonquilla Decor team

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